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A carefree, sunlit filled weekend morning. Amber sunlight streams into the room. Mother bustles about in the kitchen and gathers the family at the breakfast table. The room fills with the scents of fresh bread, butter, salad and favourite processed cheese. The moment of joy at being together at a healthy breakfast makes a good start of an exciting weekend!

Dzintars processed cheese is one of the most beloved and recognised cheese varieties, moreover, it boasts an international recognition – with medals won in various exhibitions.

Dzintars processed cheeses are produced from high quality materials – cheese, butter, cream, skim milk powder. To diversify the flavour, natural additives, such as mushrooms, ham, salami, are used in the production.

Our processed cheeses are preservative-free. Dzintars cheese preserves all the natural nutrients necessary for the body. The cheese contains highly valuable proteins, as well as easily digestible calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for strengthening human bones.

A special line of processed cheese Dzintars Light was created for those who want to keep a small waistline. Dzintars Light is one of the rare low-calorie processed cheeses available in Latvia with an extra low – only 7.5 % – fat content and 3 times fewer calories – just 138 kcal per 100 g.

Dzintars processed cheese is available in boxes, sliced, as well as in small 30-gram packages.

Creamy processed cheese Dzintars is good for using on bread instead of butter. Processed cheese is good for enriching the flavour of a cream soup or a vegetarian soup, it can be used instead of sour cream as well as for preparing various sauces, cooking cheese cookies, as dressing for vegetables, and in pasta dishes. Processed cheese in briquettes or slices is good for taking on a trip.

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