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Facts Worth Knowing About Milk

  • Milk is the only drink in the world, which contains such a great number of natural nutrients.
  • On the average, cow’s milk contains 3.4 % protein, 3.6 % fat, 4.6 % lactose and 0.7 % minerals. 100 grams of milk contain approximately 66 calories.
  • Owing to the development of the dairy industry, today’s choice of milk is very wide, for example, various kinds of milk with different fat contents are available.
  • Kefir is obtained from fermented milk and it contains bacteria that promote digestion. The Caucasus is considered the region of its origination.
  • Since ancient times milk was used as a beauty product. For example, the beautiful Cleopatra took a milk bath every day. Rumour has it that even today Hindu beauties drink a glass of warm milk with honey and five spices every evening.
  • The Latvian curd snack is more than 60 years old! The first glazed curd snack was produced in Latvia in 1949. The Latvian dairy masters, who stood at the cradle of the curd snack, say that it has been created to supplement children’s diet with both a healthy and tasty snack.
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